Skill Up


Project duration: 16 months

Timeline: 1.03.2022 – 1.07.2023

Field addressed: Development of transversal, digital and sustainability skills of adults

Skill Up

is an ERASMUS+ project designed to help adults and teachers be more job-ready and never stop learning. We focus on skills like technology, entrepreneurship and how to be more planet-friendly. We want to solve problems that prevent adults from advancing in their careers or learning new things.

Essentially, SkillUp helps adults become more prepared for the labour market.

Need behind the project

We created this project out of the need to find new ways to support adults in their learning process and also to better understand the skills required by the labour market. We want to support educators to create training relevant to the learning needs of adults.

The project addresses the lack of specific adult learning curriculum and, more importantly, the need for adult educators to have accurate tools for assessing and recognizing employability skills.

The aim is to improve understanding of digital, entrepreneurial and sustainability skills, thereby increasing employability.



understanding the employability skills needed today through focus groups


improving skills to support adults through workshops with educators


development and testing of short courses to improve employability skills


Skill Up Guide

In the guide we have gathered a series of modules that delve into specific areas critical to personal and professional growth. I put together Practical guidance and innovative approaches to developing digital, transversal and sustainability skills to motivate you to improve your professional skills.



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