Who are we?

First of all, people. All with a lot of energy and desire to bring innovation to non-formal education and beyond. We want to bring change in the way young people look at education in general. We care about learning, growing and making a real difference in our communities.

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Vlad Grigoraș

Founder, Strategy Architect, Development Master

Vlad Grigoraș

Hi, I’m Vlad, I brand myself “fulfilled” that I am a seer of ideas and have the ability to connect them in a way that I can materialise those with my colleagues. Materialise those for co-creating a great world that we all want to live in. I am a “walk the talk” person and i follow this though ever since being able to walk. In the last ten years though, I started to live “walking my talk” and it lead me to start iEL.

My compass leads me to creating a state of flow space for us being inside, and all other people we impact.

Medeea Nămoloșanu

Full Time Mommy, Art Fairy, Project Coordinator, Mentor

Medeea Nămoloșanu

Hello! I’m Medeea, and I’m currently a full-time mother. I have a very cute and smiley little girl who is extremely curious and loves to explore everything around her.

Before the best period of my life began, I was the one making sure that everything visual in the organisation brought joy. Now, I am exploring with my little girl a new universe of possibilities and discoveries, where every day is an opportunity to learn and create, together with my daughter.

Andreea Hărătău

Admin Pillar & Project Manager

Andreea Hărătău

Heyo, Andreea here, a constant source of smiles, full of enthusiasm and positivity, no matter where we are: at a café, in a random airport or at our headquarters in Brașov. I love challenges, I am open to new things, I adapt to unforeseen situations and I like to be helpful.

I could say I’m the know-it-all of the organization: today I’m doing admin work, tomorrow I’m planning and implementing projects, and next week we might meet at a social event. I am in love with beauty, and passionate about photography, writing and music. Day dreamer, go-getter, always looking for solutions to any challenge.

Claudiu Pavel

Visual Alchemist

Claudiu Pavel

Hello! I am Claudiu, both a psychiatrist and a graphic designer, guided by the depths of the human mind and the power of compassion. I create visual stories that resonate, where creativity and intuition blend harmoniously. I’m an avid reader and strategist, which is why I find peace in books and chess.

I am passionate about skiing, swimming, cycling and jogging – testaments to resilience and the strength of the human spirit. Travel enriches my perspective, and SpaceX launches fuel my boundless curiosity.

At the intersection of my roles and passions, I weave empathy, creativity and understanding. I navigate the complexities of existence and strive to bring light and spark insights into the world.

Adelina Pavelescu

Marketing Manager & Learning Designer

Adelina Pavelescu

Hello! I am Adelina and I was born to work with young people. Their incredible power to bring positive and sustainable change to the community has kept my engines running for as long as I can remember.

I love hats, that’s why at Innovation Education Lab I wear two: I’m the Marketing girl, and at the same time I create learning experiences for young people.

I sing, dance and laugh as often as I can. My friends say they I am pure joy. I love traveling, spending time in nature, cooking and many other things that can make me feel grounded and creative at the same time.

Cosmin Dobre

European Lead by Nature Network Community Manager

Cosmin Dobre

Morning! I’m Cosmin, and I’m in charge of the youth community of the European Lead by Nature Network (ELNN) project, on the Engagement side. I am passionate about guitar, traveling, learning about other cultures and photography. I love non-formal education, which is why I volunteer at any festival I catch. When I’m not at work or at university (I’m studying Electrical Engineering in Brașov), I explore the world in search of the most peaceful places on Earth.

Costi Cocolea

European Lead by Nature Network Community Manager

Costi Cocolea

Morning, I’m Coco, I’m 20 years old and I’m a student at the Polytechnical University of Cluj Napoca. At Innovation Education Lab, I coordinate the Marketing volunteers of the European Lead by Nature Network project, and I also take care of the technical side of the international community we have on Discord.

In my spare time, I enjoy programming, reading, doing sports activities, speaking in French and listening to music. I explore human psychology and complexity, turn my travels into adventures, constantly challenge myself and create innovative systems for daily efficiency, that help me tackle even more ambitious goals.

Ștefania Pasăre

Erasmus+ Selection Specialist

Ștefania Pasăre

Hello! I’m Ștefania. Within the organisation, I am currently in charge of selecting participants for Erasmus+ Learning Experiences, throwing “confetti” at them via emails (thank goodness it happens in the virtual world, otherwise who would clean up the mess?).

In my personal life, I can boast that I have a lot of creative hobbies: writing, painting, playing games, but I also like to consider myself active, so I go running, hiking, and skiing in the winter…

I can’t wait to meet you, to see what fantastic country I can send you to. 🙂

Iolanda Vasile

Project Manager, Writing Wizard and Fundraising genius.

Iolanda Vasile

I’m Iolanda and I’m passionate about connecting people and empowering them to reach their full potential, with the goal of changing the world, with every event or project. With over 15 years of experience in learning design, cultural programming, teaching and research in anthropology, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills on the table. I have lived and worked in Romania, Portugal, Brazil and Angola, and this has taught me to listen and adapt while exploring my different linguistic personalities.


I enjoy good books, warm people and cooking creatively.

Rodica Biliboc

Project Manager and Project Writer

Rodica Biliboc

Hey! I am Rodi and I develop programmes for youth and vulnerable communities. I promote innovative learning and intercultural exchange in Erasmus+ projects, and my priorities include objectivity, honesty and health. I rely on inclusive practices and am known for the creativity I bring to problem solving.

I am passionate about psychoanalysis and study Freud’s works in a study group, as well as in a school of relational psychoanalysis. To relax, I prefer music, reading, theatre, movies, dancing, exercise and nature walks. I maintain an active lifestyle and smile often.

Remus Iosifescu

Volunteers Manager

Remus Iosifescu

Remus at the mic! I discovered Erasmus+ projects and non-formal education after a journey of finding my place in this world. I fell hopelessly in love with the power that such activities have in helping people discover and develop skills that school doesn’t address. Now and here, I’m in charge with the international volunteers and their agenda of activities.

With the help of the Erasmus+, CES and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programmes, I have travelled, volunteered for 10 months, learned about permaculture, made connections, facilitated activities and projects, realised what I am good at, loved, gone through crises, learned to say “no”, grown and continue to grow.

Timeea Schill

Marketing Assistant

Timeea Schill

Ciao! The undersigned aka Tim, Timuca, an enthusiast kid, I’m pleased to meet you and want to tell you that: I like to laugh, a lot; I love to create – feelings, experiences, visuals in Canva, etc.; I have a twin sister but we look different, got friends like I hope you’ll also find, and I recharge my battery thanks to the people around me; I’m just starting out, I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, just help people and have fun (if it involves exploring the globe all the better).

I currently let my iEL colleagues amaze me with their good projects and vibe.

Currently, we spend most of our time in Brașov and its surroundings (when not travelling all over Europe).

We have a very nice place, somewhere near the Citadel, where we feel like home. We called it the Nonformal Education Lab because that’s what we do: we build non-formal learning experiences that make a real impact on the development and well-being of young people.

Most of the time, we spend time with YOUth in our Youth Lab (the room next to the office where we host all sorts of learning experiences).


We dream of a world where people of all ages feel personally and professionally fulfilled, and are ready to make positive changes in their communities.


To achieve our dream, we are constantly working on creating experiential learning contexts (learning stuff while doing it, for real) where you can grow both personally and professionally.

More specifically, we accompany and support you on your journey towards personal and professional fulfilment, whatever that means for you.

How exactly do we do this?


We give you access to innovative and impactful tools, methods, and interventions that will change the way you look at education and learning.


We help you develop your creative skills and align with the digital and technological demands of the job market, so you’re always ready for the opportunities that arise.


We support your process of enriching your emotional well-being, so that you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.


We use visual arts, theatre, film, dance, and literature, as a means of personal growth and healing.


We encourage you to cultivate your sense of initiative and entrepreneurship to reach your full potential and achieve your dreams.



We look at education as a whole and at the same time understand that each of us learns differently. That’s why we use a variety of learning methods and practices.


At the same time, we know that education doesn’t just happen in classrooms, but in every corner of life, from nature to the interactions we have every day with the people around us. Basically, from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, we are learning.

So we take a holistic approach to everything we do, based on the five elements of Taoist practice. These elements are our pillars of strength and represent all the areas we explore in our work, and which guide our vision about education.

iEL pillars



We empower people to constantly grow, make an impact, become more aware of the world around them and achieve their goals.


We nurture curiosity, creativity and concrete action to develop transformational education methods.


We want to have a long-term impact. To do this, we use our resources responsibly and want every action we take to add value.


We believe that together we can have more impact. It is essential to collaborate with organisations from as diverse a range of knowledge areas as possible, and work together to transform our communities.


We act with integrity and ethics, produce genuine results, and are dedicated to changing education and society for the better.


With us, everyone is welcome! We are constantly working to create a community where everyone feels seen and heard regardless of age, background or profile.


We encourage mutual support, active listening, sincere collaboration, and the promotion of unity in diversity. Solidarity helps us to be united, and every gesture counts.


We are connected and constantly adapting to the ever-changing environment and society.

Methods used

With each workshop and project facilitated, we are adding more and more non-formal learning methods to our baggage.

We do everything non-formally, because it is essential that you are at the centre of the learning process. Depending on the activity and the needs of the participants, we put together different methods to build relevant and impactful learning experiences.

Here are some of them, which we use frequently in our activities.


Creativity and mindfulness

We use art in order to explore our inner selves and become more aware of ourselves and those around us.


Participatory research

We give you access to innovative and impactful tools, methods, and interventions that will change the way you look at education and learning.


Interactive games

We explore new concepts through play and develop our life, entrepreneurial, digital, and sustainability skills.


Experiential learning in nature

We organise outdoor activities such as hiking and camping to learn about nature through first-hand experience.


Reflection groups

After each activity we have, we discuss as a group to reflect on the experience and lessons learned.


What 2023 looked like for us

learning experiences

22 international learning experiences, including 3 hosted by us
400 applicants and 120 selected participants


We have travelled to 13 countries


45+ events in Brasov and surroundingsof which 12 workshops in high schools

young people

600+ young people participated in our activities in Brașov last year
We trained 30+ youth workers

Partner Organisations

Partner Institutions

Companies that support us