Impactful nonformal experiences, dedicated to your development and well-being.

What can you find at our lab?

EU projects

We write and implement projects with European funding. We offer you opportunities to travel, learn and collaborate with young people, youth workers and organisations from all over Europe.

Personal and professional development

We organise and facilitate interactive sessions where you can develop real life skills such as communication, leadership and critical thinking.

Impactful non-formal experiences

We create impactful learning experiences using non-formal methods. Theory is good too, but we like to experiment and then draw the conclusions.

Resources for working with young people

We are developing ways to support other youth workers, educators, and facilitators to tailor the experiences they create according to their learners’ growth needs.

Community of young people passionate about learning

Community is where we make friends, share ideas and support each other. When we grow and learn together, we seem to do it with a different spirit.

Support in your growth process

No matter the age, growth and change are constant in our lives. We support you to express yourself freely, discover your needs and follow your passions. We empower you to put your ideas into practice and explore any area that interests you.

Who do we work for?

Did you know we have a Discord server with young people from all over Europe?

The European Lead by Nature Network (ELNN) is a European network of 20 organisations in 13 countries, that have young people at the core of their activity. We started in November 2022 in Bran when, following a training course, we realised that together we can work better and our young people can gain more.

A few months later, we launched the ELNN Youth Hub on Discord. The server is a space where you can connect with young leaders like you from all over Europe and beyond.

Did you know we have a Discord server with young people from all over Europe?

Here’s why to join our Discord server:


You meet young leaders in Europe who can become your friends.


Discuss topics that you’re interested in.


Learn to speak another language: we have dedicated channels where you can speak French, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese and any other European language you like.


You share your passions and find people who are passionate about the same things you are.


Participate in webinars on topics that appeal to you.


Participate in well-being challenges.


You are among the first to hear about the Erasmus+ projects us and our partners are hosting.

Are you ready?

And speaking of Erasmus+! projects Did you know that…


… they aren’t just for students?


… they allow you to travel and learn about the subjects you are passionate about?


… they help you prepare for the future in an international and dynamic environment?


… they’re almost 100% free?

Here are some reasons to participate in an Erasmus+ project

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