What do we do?


Constantly developing innovative and impactful tools, methods and interventions in non-formal education


We actively support creative development and alignment with digital and technological requirements for the labour market


We provide resources and contexts through which young people and adults can increase their emotional well-being


We promote visual arts, theatre, film, dance, and literature as tools for growth and healing


Cultivating a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among young people


We promote volunteering, work placement, and internship opportunities among all categories of young people

We currently do all theses through European projects.

Here’s why:

First of all, they align perfectly with our values and mission, because they focus on development, innovation and cooperation.

Moreover, through European projects we have the opportunity to constantly learn from other people, discover new methods, and enrich our knowledge. Both us as a team and the people we work with and for: young people, youth workers, educators and adults.

European projects allow us to have a direct impact on young people and communities, because we offer them unique opportunities for development and growth. At the same time, they give us the chance to collaborate with partners from all over Europe and create a vast network of education experts and enthusiasts.

Last, but not least, European projects provide us with the financial resources we need in order to get ever closer to our vision.

Do you have a question about our projects?

Learning experiences

Erasmus+ offers the chance to travel and learn about the subjects you are passionate about for 7-14 days, in your country or abroad, together with participants from different countries that have similar interests.


We work with organisations in Europe and beyond to make a more sustainable impact in our communities. These partnerships are developed through projects funded by the European Commission.


Every month, both in our #YouthLab and in partner locations, we run non-formal education workshops, actively contributing to the personal and professional development of young people, youth workers, educators and adults passionate about learning.