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Let's celebrate the International Day of Youth together, with meaning!

We created a space where you can learn, grow and have fun, all at the same time, while going on a self-discovery journey. 

Tap into your strengths, learn how to replace habits that don’t serve you, embrace your emotions, and connect with nature. 

Let’s empower ourselves, let’s transform, let’s grow together! 

3 workshops

1 hike

1 book club

The adventure begins here, with you!

Why should you join us

Be empowered

You will boost your confidence as you learn to love your emotions, design your inner world, and hack your brain’s patterns. Start taking control of your life and feel the rush of empowerment.

Learn while having fun

Self-development doesn't have to be boring! At YOUth Unbound, you'll discover new sides of yourself all while having a great time. We're talking engaging workshops and exciting outdoor activities - all filled with quality learning. Improve yourself and enjoy the process!

Learn from young people, just like you

We carefully chose our facilitator with a purpose: to prove how powerful and capable YOUth are. They are all very young people, that chose to learn and develop themselves beyond formal education and work. 

Step out of your comfort zone

We prepared varied learning experiences for you. From painting your emotions to braving the outdoors, we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Discover more about yourself, enhance resilience, and adapt to new adventures.

Create connections

Join a community of like-minded individuals – young, vibrant souls, all embarking on their personal growth journeys. Share experiences, encourage each other and grow together in a supportive environment.

Go on a journey of self-discovery

Understand your emotions, connect with your inner self, meditate, and let yourself connect with who you really are. You'll be able to explore new ways through acceptance and empathy.

Check out the activities

Mind Hacking


Friday, 11.08.2023 | 18:00

Got a habit you know isn't the best for you, but just can't seem to kick it? Or maybe you're trying to build a solid habit, but it's just not sticking?

Claudiu is here to help. He will be sharing with you the story of a yougster who didn't want to settle, but instead challenged himself to transform his life. Grounded in basic principles of neuroscience, the workshop will get into the nitty-gritty of how habits work in your brain, why they stick around, and how to swap out the bad ones. You'll understand the science behind habits and gain practical tools to make your brain work for you, not against you. Start steering your life in the direction you choose.

Inner Design

Saturday, 12.08.2023 | 10:00

Ever wondered what conversations with your inner self would reveal? Imagined transforming your thoughts into a piece of art?​

Loredana will help you step into YOUR space, through a very special method she developed in the past years. Inner Design is a journey of self-discovery through coaching, meditation, and fearless creativity. Walk hand-in-hand with your inner child, dive deep into silence, and listen. You’ll open your ears to the whispers within, and share your story with other youths. Are you ready? 

Love your Emotions

Saturday, 12.08.2023 | 17:00

Feeling happy, sad, angry, or just a flurry of emotions, and unsure how to handle it?

Maria and Cristina will take you on a safe journey into understanding your emotions, accepting them without judgment, and unshackling yourself from the prison of self-doubt. You'll get to identify and communicate with your emotion, building an empowering and positive inner dialogue. We'll arm you with simple day-to-day techniques to manage and express your emotions in a healthier way. By the end, it won't just be about surviving your emotions, but truly loving them.

Nature Hunt

Sunday, 13.08.2023 | 12:00

Beautiful landscapes? Check. Thrilling challenges? Check. Learning about plants and teamwork? Double-check.

On Sunday, we asked Mihai and Ana to take us out on hike. We'll do a Nature Hunt on Postăvaru, starting from Brașov. It will be a great chance to get out of your comfort zone. You’ll gather knowledge about hiking and the forest, build key skills like critical thinking, decision making, collaboration, and resilience, and make memories while at it. This isn't just a wander in nature, it's a discovery of the harmony between nature and self. Buckle up for an adventure where you learn, grow, and connect in the heart of nature.

Book Club

Sunday, 13.08.2023 | 14:00

Do you love reading, but not too many of your friends share your passion? You should join our Book Club!

Antonia is a teenager passionate about reading, which will be hosting a gathering with book lovers just like her. We'll talk about books where animals played important roles, either in the development of the plot or in the building of the overall message. 

Feel free to join as many activities as you want, but please only choose an activity if you are 100% sure you can attend. The spots are limited, and we want to make sure we make the most out of this experience.