What is SoliDare


SoliDare is a European Solidarity Corps project developed during 3 month in Romania.


Organized by FoRC (Friends of Romanian Children) – a non-profit organization situated in Bacau – the project consists of a learning and cultural exchange experience with the local community.



  • Project management: Participation in a workshop to learn “How to make your own international project”, constructing a project from start to end.


  • Emotional Intelligence: Participation in a workshop facilitated by the Physiotherapist Catalina, about preconceptions, understanding of emotions, assertive communication, and conflict management.


  • Group Workshops: Participation in workshops facilitated by the group.


  • Personal workshops: Development of workshops for the group, like “Make your own dream catcher”, “Connection Meditation”, “Voice of Soul”.


  • Trash Picking: Event organized with the local community and Onestin, a partner NGO, to collect the trash around the river in Harja.


  • Green Corner: Event organized in Oituz, with activities for the local community. The aim was to create awareness about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Environmental Pollution.


  • Egg Hunting: Activity organized for the FoRC children to celebrate Easter time.

Monument Event: Activity realised in a hiking to Dealul Coșna together with Kolping volunteers to promote the cultural exchange.


Diploma for participating in a European Solidarity Corps volunteering project.

House team

  • Cooking team: Weekly schedule for cooking, making the shopping list, separating food for the daily meals, making sure there were all the ingredients needed for the meals.


  • Entertainment team: Detecting needs of entertainment or well-being of the group, weekly plan, creating tools, games and activities to create a healthy house environment.


  • Shopping Team: Making the shopping list, shopping, organizing the food in the house, changing money.


Besides that, the activity teams included: group dynamic; leadership and coordination; definition of group goals, weekly plan; allocation of tasks.

Activity teams

  • Art team:  activities developed with children from disadvantaged backgrounds based on artistic methods (music, dance, theatre, paint).


  • Activity team: activities developed with children from disadvantaged backgrounds based on Non-formal Education methods (teaching english, preparing games related to trust, cooperation, emotions, etc).


  • Social Media team: Video and photo capture and edition, content creation for social media posts and website, flyers creation, support of other teams.


Besides that, the activity teams included: group dynamic; leadership and coordination; definition of group goals, tools and opportunities; weekly plan; allocation of tasks.


Our mission in ELF is to create impact in the lives of the volunteers we are hosting as well as inspiring the community growth and development. The areas we address are:

  • Non-formal education and promoting EU mobilities, volunteering;
  • Environment and sustainability;
  • EU Values and cooperation;
  • Innovation for the social good;
  • Inclusion and diversity.