Improving the competences of educators to make youth more employable

During the SKILL UP small-scale partnership, the partners will prepare a toolkit (training modules, skills assessment tools,
short courses for adult learners) that educators can use to increase employability skills in adult learners and motivate them
in accessing further lifelong learning possibilities. With this project, the partners will deepen their understanding of digital,
entrepreneurial, sustainability skills and find new ways to use them to motivate adult learners in starting personal and/or
professional development, and increasing their chances for a better job position too.


In order to tackle those issues, partners will
– Increase partners’ readiness to work with the target group by sharing expertise and knowledge with the project
partners and stakeholders involvement
– Increase partner understanding of XXI century EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS, by organizing 3 round of focus groups to
hear their point of view
– Boost partners’ ability to support adult learners by organizing 3 workshops with 9 educators each to level up their ability
to facilitate adult learners’ development
– Develop and test 3 short courses aimed at boosting EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS with 30 adult learners
– increase the usability and relevance of the SKILLUP results by validating projects results with a group of experts
– Ensure project and results visibility by involving actively local stakeholders the promotion and dissemination activity