Create a better approach to Social Innovation initiatives

SIDE: is a project that proposes to equip youth workers and adult educators with knowledge and skills to pass information to young people, offering them guidance to start small projects in their communities. The project focuses on 3 dimensions: Social Innovation (SI), Professional and Personal Development (PPD), Project Management (PM). 

SIDE covers covers inclusive education, making the activities in the project available to other groups of young people and interested parties, in order to follow high-quality content in each of the three topics tackled.

The need of the project

SIDE started from the need of training youth workers in empowering youth to become more active in their communities by helping them develop entrepreneurship skills through knowledge and skills on social innovation, professional & personal development as well as project management. It came from the need of offering access and equal opportunities to youth regardless of their background, social economic status or other criteria.

The main purpose of the project is to create a better approach to Social Innovation initiatives and a collection of tools for the partner organizations as well as for the organizations in their networks and extended networks. 


The process of learning about these 3 dimensions (SI, PPD, PM) involves a Teaching and Training Activity (for youth workers), a local dissemination activity (for youth and youth workers) and a mentoring/coaching programme for the youth interested in further pursuing these topics. The process follows the same structure for SI, PPD and PM.


  • O1: Create 3 training courses dedicated to 2 members of staff in each organization in order to acquire and practice tools in EU Project Design & Management (PM) , Social Innovation (SI), Personal & Professional Development (PPD) in order to train 10-12 TGs in local communities on those topics and to support (coaching/ mentoring) this group of max 12 in each country to implement a project or start a social enterprise.
  • O2: Promote the cooperation in SI(& PM and PPD) in order to increase the capacity of partners to run social innovation activities and enable transformation and change in the organizations and the community, during the project lifetime and after.
  • O3: Raising awareness of the possibilities that exist around social innovation, tools, funding opportunities at all levels (local, regional, national, European) and expanding the network of the partner organization at local and European levels.


Social Innovation

Overview of the #SIDEproject Infographic

Social Innovation & Social Enterprises Infographic

Social Innovation Brochure

Personal and Professional Development

Understanding yourself I: The human, the chimp & the computer 

Understanding yourself II: Tools

Professional & Personal Development Brochure


INDEPCIE - Cordoba - Spain
CSI Center for Social Innovation LTD - Nicosia - Cyprus
Socialinis efektas, asociacija - Kaunas - Lithuania