The aim of this Youth Exchange was to increase the competences of 45 young people in finding a job, by taking part in sessions about personal branding, communication, how to write a good CV & cover letter that will bring clarity and empower the youth with competencies for a smooth path entering the labor market. The main goal of this youth exchange was to improve the skills of the young people in finding a future job by developing a strong personal brand and participating in sessions on communication, how to write a good CV and cover letter, and job interview simulations.


Specific objectives of our project To empower the 45 young people with the necessary knowledge to develop their personal brand and employability in terms of communication strategy and content as well as compliance with potential employer’s needs (CV, Cover letter, employment of social media and new CV instruments, proper conduct of a job interview), by the end of the project. To help young people communicate to the outside world the values, beliefs, goals and purpose that describe who they are and guide their choices. To raise awareness among the 45 young people on the need for a self-entrepreneurial, market centered approach to job searching, by the end of the project. To increase awareness of the environment and sustainability in employment search and work attitude among young people. To increase the partner organizations competences in organizing KA1 projects related to youth unemployment and developing young people’s skills to give them a clearer view of choosing their future job, by the end of the project. Develop follow-up youth exchanges in the context of Erasmus+ with a focus on professional development of young people by using non-formal education techniques throughout the Youth Exchange.