Project duration: 22 months

Timeline: 03.01.2022 – 03.11.2023

Field addressed:



aims to equip youth workers with new skills to support the inclusion of disadvantaged young people in employment and create support groups for mutual motivation and empowerment.

Need behind the project

e-Mployed was born out of the need to address skills gaps and the potential exacerbation of inequalities as a result of technological advances and the pandemic recession. Lack of resources, poor education intervention, limited access to development opportunities in rural areas and the impact of new technologies on the workforce further highlight the needs in this area.

The project aims to identify career guidance and employment needs for young people.

The survey of university students reveals their need for guidance and support in finding suitable jobs that match their skills and aspirations.



Create a set of career guidance and peer learning methods for youth workers and young people, such as video tutorials and learning, teaching and training activities


Creation of an online platform providing learning challenges and educational escape rooms for the development of transversal competences


Dissemination of materials developed among youth workers


Improving national and international cooperation between participating NGOs working with young people in order to ensure the continuity of the project


Skills map

In the first phase of the project, we carried out research to understand what skills employers are looking for, so that we could create useful tools for young people who want to increase their employability, tools that help them develop these skills.




Active listening

Problem solving




Digital skills


Learning cards

Based on the identified skills, we have created 30 challenge cards that stimulate learning and development of these skills in a non-formal way.

We believe that it is essential for young people to develop in these directions to increase their chances of being employed and, at the same time, to increase their value in the workforce.

The cards have 3 difficulty levels and can be downloaded below.

Challenge by Choice

A comprehensive guide to the effective use of learning cards, designed to foster the development of young people’s skills.

In it you will find innovative and accessible methods for facilitating engaging sessions with a focus on personal development and essential professional skills.

Manual for
youth workers

A practical tool for youth professionals designed to support them in organising personal and professional development workshops for young people.

It contains specially designed activities and challenges that can facilitate the development of engagement and self-discovery skills through experiential learning methods.




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