ARiSE: The Right(s) School


Project duration: 24 months

Timeline: 1.02.2022 – 31.01.2023

Field addressed: Children Rights

ARiSE: The Right(s) School

is an ERASMUS+ project that aims to introduce Human Rights Education in schools. We equip teachers with tools to better understand and protect Children’s Rights, especially for vulnerable groups like migrants. The project also encourages digital skills, promoting a more inclusive and respectful school environment.

behind the project

ARiSE started from the need to improve teachers’ skills in Human Rights Education. The foundations of the project include identifying key challenges facing education systems in areas related to children’s rights.

The aim is to increase the knowledge, skills, and capacity of primary and secondary school teachers to ensure that Children’s Rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

The project also aims to equip teachers with interactive educational materials and innovative digital skills, thus facilitating the integration of children from vulnerable groups, such as migrants and refugees, into the school environment and all areas of everyday life.



creating a new way of learning about Children’s Rights, with face-to-face training and online courses for teachers;


creating digital tools to help schools share best practices for respecting Children’s Rights;


developing guidelines to help schools adopt these practices;


encouraging policies to make schools more rights-friendly;


finding solutions to raise awareness of Children’s Rights in local communities.


Interactive curriculum

A personalised learning program that aims to help teachers understand and teach Children’s Rights more effectively. It is based on innovative, non-formal teaching methods.

Module 1

Understanding Children's Rights as part of Human Rights


Module 2

Understanding the needs of all children, especially those from vulnerable groups


Module 3

Developing, implementing and evaluating an innovative rights-based school policy


Module 4

Children's Rights Education: an Inter- and Transdisciplinary Curriculum


Platform eLearning

Common online space where teachers, parents, and even students can find resources and tools to deepen their understanding of Human Rights Education.

Interactive guide

A basic resource for understanding and promoting children’s rights in schools. A guide of practical tips and tools that educators can use to ensure that children’s voices are heard, respected and protected.




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