15 MARCH-12 MAY 20 MAY – 19 JUNE

Experiental Learning Forum

ELF is our invitation to Experiential Education.
We believe that education is essential.
We believe that there are a lot of great things already happening in this direction and a lot still to be done.

During ELF, you will find experiential activities that are dedicated to explore education through its broadness, diversity, multiple facets and interdisciplinarity.

ELF is organised with the main support of the European Solidarity Corps programme (through ANPCDEFP), thanks to which our team of volunteers and coordinators are dedicating their time to make the ELF do its magic.

ELF is for the community, for the young people, for the youth workers and social workers in Harja, Poiana Sarata, Oituz, Onesti.

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ELF is co-funded by the European Commission Programme ESC (European Solidarity Corps), local sponsors and local authorities that are getting involved in organising the activity.

The Festival site is becoming a playground for educators, artist, trainers, coaches, social innovators to sharing their alternative methods within education, in classrooms, activities, extra curricular activities and reaching what is to be greater empowerment for young people, for parents, for educators, for employers.

The future lays within education, youth and us. All of us.

We are preparing all the facilities, camping site, food court (eco-bio and locally sourced), access to a variety of activities, meeting with international renowned trainers, speakers, artists and entrepreneurs.

  • NFE activities in local schools/high schools to promote volunteering, experiential learning (NFE), diversity, cohesion, solidarity;
  • Easter egg Hunt in cooperation with DGASPC Bacau 19-20 April environment and cultural heritage;
  •  Continuing the activities started in A1;
  • Children’s Day event in partnership with DGASPC Bacau on 1st of June in Bacau ( citizenship, cultures, diversity, roleplay, games);
  • The 3rd team will organise and implement 2 large scale events 0 OuterNations Festival – in Vaslui;
  •  ELF Festival – in Harja, Bacau – experiential learning, inter-cultural exchange;
  • High Schools and Universities- networking activities introduce volunteering, ESC, NFE;
  • Encouraging active citizenship through a series of activities a variety of towns/ rural areas;
  • Ecology campaign – online awareness event and outdoor activites for cleaning up the river bank;
  • Mural paintings to bring out the color in the local school and kindergarten;
  • Surveys for teachers and students about education & needs to make it more impactful;
  • Permaculture Training;
  • Activities with the children and elders from the local social centers in Oituz area;
  • Social Media & Photo – Video – create visual and written content and manage the organisation’s SM accounts for promoting volunteering, experiential learning, EU values & diversity;
  • Organize workshops and activities for the other volunteers – sharing what you know is rewarding and brings a lot of benefits for everyone involved.


Our mission in ELF is to create impact in the lives of the volunteers we are hosting as well as inspiring the community growth and development. The areas we address are:

  • Non-formal education and promoting EU mobilities, volunteering;
  • Environment and sustainability;
  • EU Values and cooperation;
  • Innovation for the social good;
  • Inclusion and diversity.

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