Increase your value in the market by training your work skills

The current global pandemic, the current job market, the multitude of events taking place and last but not least, the online traffic and the speed with which everything is happening are confusing the young people and challenging them, according to the study that the lead partner has undertaken among university students. According to the latest “Future of Jobs Report released by the World Economic Forum “skills gaps continue to be high as in demand skills across jobs change in the next five years. In the absence of proactive efforts, inequality is likely to be exacerbated by the dual impact of technology and the pandemic recession. Online learning and training is on the rise but looks different for those in employment and those who are unemployed.” Before creating the project, a needs analysis was also performed in each of the countries, and we managed to identify the following general needs that our project is therefore addressing:

Access to relevant career counselling, educational developments, work preparation programmes, etc.
Access to relevant career counselling, educational developments, work preparation programmes, etc.
Lack of a methodology for youth workers, coaches, mentors, that can be applied and used in any community, for the support of youngsters (high school, university).
Lack of peer learning resources that contribute to the community of youngsters and are implemented by youth for youth.
Access to facilitators, educators, mentors, to create a profile in the platform and propose challenges.
Access to relevant experiences and building employability skills.
Lack of confidence and a clear career path.
Lack of preparation when it comes to the main skills of the future (World Ec Forum).


– The transferable methodology
To create a set of methods for career guidance and peer learning that will be transferred to youth workers and young persons, through an electronic toolkit, video tutorials and LTTs that are responding to the needs of young peoples needs in the area of employability and learning.

– The learning platform
To create an online platform that includes learning challenges and online educational escape rooms for soft skills development (cooperation, communication, inclusion, motivation, participation, presentation and branding), available for young persons and youth workers in their organisations and in their networks.

The youth empowerment
To empower youth workers to upskill and integrate the new methodologies to deploy them in the daily work with the target groups in their organisations and create clear structures for implementing those in practice.

– Payroll
To improve national and international cooperation among the participating NGOs working with youth, for their inclusion, participation, employability, skill development, career guidance and peer to peer learning.