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BRAND ME aims to address the issue of skills mismatch and the lack of career guidance among young individuals, which often leads to dropping out of school or dissatisfaction in their current work positions. We have identified a gap in formal education institutions, as none of them offer personal branding courses or materials to support young people in successfully entering the labour market.

To tackle this problem, we have developed a comprehensive strategy. First, we conducted extensive market research to understand the current situation. Based on this research, we are creating the BAM Report, which will provide recommendations for addressing the skills mismatch and improving career guidance for young people.

In addition, we will provide training for young individuals to help them identify their skills, knowledge, and experiences, and teach them how to promote themselves effectively on media and social media channels.

Lastly, we will collaborate with field leaders and educators by providing them with the BAM Manual, a tangible resource that they can directly use in their work and activities.

By implementing these initiatives, we aim to empower young people to showcase their expertise and find relevant opportunities in the labour market, ultimately enabling them to achieve higher satisfaction and self-esteem.


Identify and define the 12 essential digital-presentation skills to support youth workers to train NEETs on the topic of personal branding.

Reduce the employment mismatch, by training youth in NEET (not in education, employment, or training) group. 

Create most relevant educational resources responding to 12 skills and competences in personal branding strategies and practices. 

Inspire youth to continue developing their careers and promoting themselves.


BAM Report 

Online Course

BAM Manual for educators

Coordinator: Associação VR de Marketing

Partners: Innovation Education Lab, Indepcie Efektas Group, garag Erasmus Foundation and Vienna Association of Education Volunteers – VAEV 


The project Report acts as a cornerstone in order to develop relevant educational resources and to raise awareness on challenges young NEET group individuals face.

Gather information on potential needs of target groups in terms of employment, branding, professionalism, career development and labor market. The survey allows the identification of characteristics and will highlight the educational needs of target groups, which will give foundation to the development of training materials afterwards.

National Report

The survey was conducted in Romania with the objective of gathering insights into personal branding skills, recruitment practices, and the relevance of various skills in the job market. The survey was conducted online and targeted a diverse range of participants, including recruiters, HR professionals, and stakeholders.

Based on the survey results, several key insights regarding personal branding and recruitment practices have emerged. The most chosen skills in transversal, digital, and entrepreneurial domains highlight the importance of collaboration, relationship management, networking, communication, creativity, and adaptability. These skills are essential for individuals seeking to enhance their personal brand and stand out in the competitive job market.

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