Core team

Vlad Grigoras

Strategy & Development

Medeea Namolosanu

Project Coordinator & Visual Artist

Gabriela Braneanu

Comm. & Operations

Vlad Pandichi

Digital Development & Facilitator

Career Coach and Counsellor

Roxana Frunza

Social Media Manager & Volunteers Coordinator

Alina Porumboiu

Psychologist and Facilitator

Alina Tomsa

Expressive Arts Therapist & Facilitator


Vlad Dogarescu

Full Stack Developer and Mindfulness Facilitator

Adrian Miu

Learning and Gamification

Board of Advisors

Dimitrios Vlachopoulos

Ed Tech Expert

Stefano Cucca

Social Innovation Expert

Ana Popescu

Alternative Therapies


Innovating fun, impactful and quality tools, methods and interventions in the field of education;

Supporting creative up-skilling and alignment to the digital and technological requirements for the job market;

Enriching and creating emotional well-being of young people and adults;

Creating and Cultivating sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;

Promoting visual arts, digital art, theatre, film, dance and literature;

Achieving a higher degree of sustainability and social innovation in the rural and urban communities;

Promoting and offering possibilities of volunteering, job placement and internships among all categories of young people;

Promoting the EU Values, European Youth Goals and Youth Strategy;

Achieving participation in quality employment and lifelong learning programs;

Improving awareness and interventions in mental health- stress, depression, anxiety.